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Cesme Chios Ferry Ticket

Buy Cesme Chios ferry ticket and travel Chios island now. Check est places to visit in Chios and Cesme.

Total Amount:

Cesme Chios ferry price is 27 Euro for an adult. Apart from this, prices are of course more appropriate as children and babies. you want to get to Chios safely and quickly, you can choose Turkish Sea Lines.

Our ferry service is very professional at this point.

You can contact us at any time, you can ask questions about the service.

If you want to go to Chios from the İzmir, you can benefit from different ticket options.

You can choose one way to get Cesme Chios ferry ticket or you can get round trip if you wish. You can also buy an open ticket if you want to let your journey flawless or if you have no idea when to return.

Cesme Chios ferry price for adults is 30 euros roundtrip while the one way is 20 euros. Other than that, the ticket for the kids round trip is 19.50 Euros.

Chios is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece which taken its name from the ‘mastics’ in the area.

Chios Island, which reflects Greece itself, is one of the most visited islands by the Turkish people.

This island is popular because it is easily accessible, easy to obtain a visa and more affordable than many other European countries.
Turkey's neighboring countries and is also similarity of cultures here also makes an important destination for Turkish.

Cesme Chios ferry has been widely researched recently. If you want to go to this island from Cesme district of İzmir, this is not too difficult.

Our company, which is famous with the name of Turkish Sea Lines and preferred by many, has been organizing services for Cesme Chios ferry for a long time.

Chios SightSeeing Places

Chios is one of the islands that fascinates many people with its unique culture. It has a very old history and is home to many cultures. Although it reflects the local culture of Greece, the Ottoman Empire had Chios for a while.
You can visit Chios by getting a çesme Chios ferry ticket.

Like Greece in general, this island is dominated by the colors blue and white. Greek island of Chios is a wonderful place to travel.

With beautiful beaches, unique windmills, authentic culture and people, Chios is a beautiful destination. Island is a big place so there are many places to visit.
Their unique churches, Chios, Pyrgi, which comes to mind first, are among the first places you should visit.

Our Company

To visit here, all you have to do is get a Cesme Chios ferry ticket. Our website provides you with the opportunity to shop quickly. You can buy ferry tickets for yourself and your relatives in a safe way and you can go to Chios (Sakız Adası) from Cesme (çeşme).

Turkish Sea Lines is one of the companies that have been carrying out ferry services in the sector for a long time and transporting passengers from one port to another.

Our boat departs from Ulusoy Port of Cesme in just 15 minutes to Chios Port of Greece. When you realize how close the two countries are, you will be quite surprised. If you want to buy Cesme Chios ferry ticket, you can get your tickets quickly by entering our website.

Our company has been working in this field for many years and has been organizing ferry services, so you can trust us and you can join Cesme Chios ferry service.

One of Turkey's most beautiful cities you can reach us to go to the island with Greece's unique coastline from the Izmir.

How Can I Get Visa for Chios?

One of the most frequently asked questions of people who want to go to this island, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, is how to get a visa for the island.

Since Greece is part of the European Union, you will also need a Schengen visa to go to Greece.

But as you know, Greece and Turkey are neighboring countries. The visa issue between these two countries is based on certain procedures. Depending on the agreement of Greece and Turkey governments take visa for Turkish people to the Greek islands, it's worth saying that there is actually very difficult.

Travel agencies around Izmir can get a door visa for you at very reasonable prices. One of the documents you will need to submit to get this visa will be your hotel records and ferry ticket for Chios. You can buy Cesme Chios ferry ticket from our company. You can reach Greece directly from Izmir in just 15 minutes. The amount you need to pay per person is 27Euros.


Our company is doing its best to be a professional company for you. It organizes sea voyages to various Greek islands, ferry booking and guests are satisfied with the service.

Our boats are very safe and have constant maintenance. Our friendly staff will do their best to make you feel comfortable. We are in top rated ferry companies as 5 years.

Although the Cesme Chios ferry ticket is not very expensive, a trip to the Greek Islands will not be too expensive, contrary to what is thought.
You can choose our company with peace of mind, you can get your tickets by making secure payment from our reliable website.

Turkish Sea Lines also transports passengers from regions such as Seferihisar and Bodrum to Greece.

We do our best to become a more reliable company, we provide service to you.

Timeline for Cesme - Chios Ferry

If you want to buy Cesme Chios ferry ticket, we would like to inform you that we have regular ferry service to the island.

The boat departs every morning at 09.00 and returns to Cesme at 18.00.
To learn Cesme Chios ferry route, you can visit our website, choose the right ticket from the ticket menu and travel to the Greek islands.

You can also stay in this island if you wish. Although the door visa is 15 days old, it is usually the only entry.

Please feel free to call us for more information and to ask questions. We are here to help you. You can contact us via phone number and you can get an information about Cesme Chios ferry timetable price. All ferry routes connects to directly our timelines.