Kos Island

Secret heaven:Kos Island
Kos island is a charming Greek island in Greece.The island of Kos is known as the third largest island among the twelve islands in the Aegean sea.The rooter history of the Kos island still shows its traces today.Many civilizations and nations have lived and reigned on the Kos island since ancient times.
They also benefited greatly from the blessings of the island of Kos known for its golden,Fertile land and incredible geography.Kos island is also home to many legends in mythology and becomes the main character in legends.
Nowadays,the island remains as one of the most important tourist destinations.Kos island,which hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year,has many historical sites to visit.Kos island manages to please tourists every year with its delicious food,great weather,warm sea and hospitable people of Kos.

Place to visit in the Kos island

The place you will visit on the island of Kos will be mostly historical places.You will see the traces of people’s lives in ancient Greece and you will experience these moments.There are a lot of alternatives for wondering on the Kos island,which is known as the place where Hippocrates were born and worked.
There are many wonderful places to visit on the Kos island. Asklepion,tree of Hippocrates, Zia, Defterdar mosque and Neratzia Castle are the main incredible places to visit for the Kos island.
Asclepion represents the god of medicine and healing in Greek mythology. It was built in 357 B.C.The ancient city, one of the symbols of the island of Kos, was discovered during excavations in 1902.
Tree of Hippocrates
The tree of Hippocrates was found to be 500 years old. The tree is located in the Çınar Square, a busy square on the island of Kos.
Neratzia Castle
This amazing castle takes its name from the citrus trees on the island of Kos. The castle was built by the temple knights to defend the sea path. It is a must-see for anyone going to Kos..The visitors will love to look at the unique view of Kos from this castle.
It is a village established on the slopes of Dikeos Mountain which is a bit far from the center of the island. This village has a fascinating view. There are benches where you can do shopping.Many tavernas and cafes at the entrance of the village provide tourists with hours of fun on the island of Kos.
Defterdar mosque
It is a mosque built on the island of Kos in Ottoman times.Open to worship.The first floor of the mosque is for shops, the second floor is for worship.
Food of Kos island
Greek cuisine is known for its resemblance to Aegean cuisine.As in Aegean cuisine, many dishes are made with olive oil in Greek cuisine.The restaurants on Kos Island are rich in fresh vegetables and fruits and a variety of fish.There are many kinds of appetizers.Thyme ,lemon and garlic are used in many dishes.Squid,octopus and shrimp are consumed continuously on Kos Island. As we come to the till this incredible Kos island writing we wish having fun to everyone who will go to Kos Island.

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